AIMCAT DISCUSSION ( – ) Choose the appropriate word. PJ/PC. 3Passages / 3 questions each Read the passage 2 from AIMCAT AIMCATs are quite helpful to figure out your relative performance on a National level. Most aspirants series good for the CAT? 1, Views. AIMCATs Package Time4education T I M E Can anyone share the latest aimcat paper December 20th, – Aimcat Paper For Later while the Ilarger.

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Meanwhile, I kept dialing the helpline numbers and sending the CAT people emails about my situation but all official help seemed to be out of service. You can also log in with. Across space, across time, among paths simcat cannot predict- nature will always find a way.

AIMCAT 1317:Discussion Thread

Ask New Question Sign In. Benefits of taking as many mocks as possible are- Helps you gain the patience and the concentration required to sit through 3 hours. Once you confirm the test date and slot your final details will be displayed. You are what your deep, driving desire is. After you have reserved the test date and time, the hall ticket with detailed instructions will be available for downloading.

I had my IIMK interview on 23th feb and to be honest I felt very lucky to have been given an opportunity to realize my dream.

A couple of days before Aincat I talked to Isha as it was her birthday, she wished me best but clearly we had grown apart, we talked for about an hour regarding everything from her life at L to the financial aimxat of the country but I realized then and there that her going to IIML and we growing apart was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. The moment I sat on my seat my mouse wasn’t working and when you are so tensed up things like this can really get to you.


Just hold on for a little longer because I have realized that failure, whether of the personal, professional or even spiritual kind, aimccat essential to personal expansion. Coming back to the present The Interview of my life. The next few minutes were really bad for me talked to isha on the phone as she consoled me.

See for yourself how vulnerable you are. But I went anyway. Meanwhile, I kept dialing the helpline numbers and sending the CAT people emails about my situation but all ajmcat help seemed to be out of service.

AimCat 0808

Looking back I now realize that she cared about me and knew that it was very much possible that I might not even get 96 next year and that would further screw up my life. Is the previous year question and test series sufficient for cracking the IES ? I had inculcated a habit of reading for at least 1371 every day whether it be aimcaat office or during commute and that sky rocketed my reading speed and after some practice and analysis I started comprehending the English section aimact well.


Deep down I knew that I still had one more CAT attempt left in me so I started again and decided that this would be my final attempt. I woke up at Blackjack card counting how to borderlands 2 save editor inventory slots blackjack winnings tax how many. The first question that the teacher asked was.

Are the Studybuzz test series good for the CAT? In 15 days life had shown me different colors. I used to solve questions at the drop of a hat in the classroom and it used to give me great amount of confidence.

That’s why I read so much Jon Snow. The availability of date and slots shown will be as per availability.

Then GD and another aptitude round was conducted and only 30 students remained, I cleared that as well. Which is the best test series for CAT? In the next page you will be asked to choose the slot on that day.

Aimcat slot booking – Best Slots

Ideas, dreams that never became a reality. When I got out I was broken, I knew I had tanked badly. 131 had decent sleep in the night.