Determining the total hardness in water using complexometric titration with EDTA tutorial suitable for chemistry students. Complexation Titration: Determination of Total Hardness of Water The use of EDTA as a complexometric titrant for metal ions has been investigated in the past . You will use EDTA complexometric titration to determine the hardness of a responsible for hardness, and total water hardness is defined as the sum of the.

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Complexometric titration is one of the best ways of measuring total water hardness. A few drops of 1: Eriochromshwartz-T Erio T is a suitable indicator. At the equivalence point of the titration: The formation of Ca-EDTA complex in the experiment helped the experimenters to elucidating the aspects of titration, such as the determination of its equivalence point, and indicator reactions in the identification of end point.

Determination of total water hardness by complexometric titration

Calcium stearate and magnesium stearate or soap scums makes it hard to lather but can be rinsed off easily Helmenstine, Slowly add the EDTA 1 mL at a time until you start to see indications of a colour change in the solution, that is, a spot of complexomdtric appears before disappearing. Water hardness can be measured using a titration with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA. Do you understand this? If solutions contains carbonates, they should be removed as they can interfere with end point detection.

Determination of the Total Hardness of Water The tap water flowing from through faucet of the laboratory sink was chosen as the source of our water sample. The use of EDTA as a complexometric titrant for metal ions has titrafion investigated in the past few years Hamilton, et al, Sample calculations are shown in Appendix.


Seannekate, my lab partner was able to contribute effectively in proper handling of the instrument and other yitration calculations for the data. The standard CaCO3 is Add 2 drops of indicator such as Eriochromschwartz-T which will turn wine-red in the ammoniated water.

Determination of water total hardness by complexometric titration

Then, two milliliters of the buffer solution and five drops of indicator solution were added to the titrand. Total hardness refers to the combined hardness caused by bicarbonates, sulfates and chlorides of calcium and magnesium Hamilton, Keep swirling the conical flask during the titration to mix the contents.

For the standardization, Accurately weigh out the required amount of EDTA onto a watchglass. Add 5 mL of ammonia based pH 10 buffer using a pipette 1.

Such explanations could have been also the possible reasons why liquid detergents synthetic soap are used in washing the glassware rather than the soap or bar detergents. Run some EDTA through the burette and into the flask until the indicator turns sky-blue.

The abovementioned reactions and techniques can also be done for different applications in connection to the ability of EDTA and other complexing agents with metal ions. Can you apply this? Further applications of EDTA and other complexometric titrations can be very useful in industrial and other health aspects.

The most likely problem is spotting the end point, which determniation not always sharp. In addition with this, compkexometric water system in the laboratory should need treatment such as water softening.

Determining Total Hardness in Water by Complexometric Titration

In contrary, calcium is an important component of cell walls of aquatic plants, and of the bones or shells of aquatic organisms Hepler, It is also not good for fish tanks. An indicator, known as a metal ion indicator, is required for the titration. Read mass of calcium carbonate in the titrated sample in the output frame.


Balancer and stoichiometry calculator operating systems: This implies that the water system in the laboratory should be treated to avoid further plumbing problems, but this does not necessarily implies that it imposes a health risk, it is could waater only alarming if other heavy metals are present, thus, further tests should be done.

Repeat the titration until you have 3 results EDTA volumes that agree complexomefric with watet. The structure of EDTA has six potential sites for bonding a metal ion: Use the wash bottle to wash any remaining EDTA off the watchglass and into the funnel.

Determining Total Hardness in Water Chemistry Tutorial

It was a job well done for her. However, it can still be used only if liquid detergents synthetic are used instead of bar and powder detergents. Thus, for the end point, we should use the same indicator we use when titrating magnesium – that is Eriochrome Black T.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Slowly add the EDTA dropwise until the first permanent colour change that is, the solution goes blue and stays blue. About us Feedback Determination of water total hardness by complexometric titration. Balancer and stoichiometry calculator. Use a small amount of water from a wash bottle filled with deionised water to wash the EDTA out of the funnel and into the flask.