Exalted 3rd Edition – This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. I’m very ambivalent about Exalted. If think I’d probably suggest the original Exalted Quickstart, which is fantastic. It has all the setting you. Tools and Game Resources Errata and Clarifications Ex3 developer thread rules compilation.

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That said, Heroquest seems like a natural for sim-play. It looks like you’re new here. This is what I play with these days. I took out doubling of favoured and aspect abilities and instead added in SotC aspects to cover sorcery, charms, emotional attributes, beliefs and artifacts and tied essence directly into the use of them. Not looking for a fight; I quickstqrt dug Glorantha when I wxalted playing RuneQuest and our group had some sketchy maps and writeups and made a lot of stuff up, but becoming a Gloranthan now seems like a huge commitment, like becoming an Orthodox Jew.

I ran it for some folks a few years ago and it was one of my favorite pure-experience Exalted game sessions ever and I’ve run a lot of Exalted with the actual rules. I’d love to hear what people have tried and how it worked.

Was dropped in later editions when Malfeas was introduced.

Charm Cascades making the options in character creation less daunting. In the first hour, they snuck past a naval blockade, parlayed with the captain, and talked his queen into an alliance that really benefits their empire building goals.

I, for reasons pertaining to me not liking rape, cannibalism, child rape, and rape rape to be things that player characters do, have declined to do it. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

That sounds very quickstadt, both from the mechanical and the color point of view. Resource Managment Combat Tracker for keeping track of initiative order. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show quckstart posts.


A player of mine has been bugging me for half a year now exwlted run an Infernals Exalted game. The older I get the less and less crunchy I like my systems. And that was the first session. New posts first Old posts first. And the simple contests help give it a feel of broad, powerful action.

Armour Name Generator Similar inspiration for quickstagt breastplate. Sign In or Register to comment.

In terms of tone, i was sold on it in the first fight, but we eventually switched to 2e when it came out because some of our character concepts were not well supported most notably the craftsman. I will quicckstart posting the full conversion, but after I’ve run it through some hoops.

The captain was expecting a proposal for an sxalted to send to the Queen. And all that said, I can’t wait til Jonathan W has all his stuff in one place.

I think Brand wrote an Exalted hack for his game, which was pretty successful, you might find it at his blog, or something? The setting is full of neat ideas and locations, the quickwtart character types are interesting and interact in unpredictable ways, and I like the way the whole game is predicated on the characters seizing power and turning everything upside down.

I’m having a blast with my HeroQuest Exalted. I’m very ambivalent about Quicsktart. February edited February Let me third that. I’m hoping to have links to character sheets and dice roller software here eventually.

Play Exalted with What?

And my feelings about HeroQuest are, like, the mirror image of Exalted: Hey is there a website or something I can go to, to get a list of charms for Exalted?

Exalted is basically a superhero game in different costumes. I guess the easiest way to get a sense of it is to start at the bottom of this page and work your way up, backwards, until you get to basically where I’m at now.

But I think to do that, I might need to make more serious changes to HQ, and first, I want to play it more to make sure it’s not just me and my players learning the rules, and second, I’m hoping that by the time I have that information HeroQuest generic will be out, or Other Worlds will be out which I can consider as an alternative, and have to do less tweaking and guessing on my part.


Exalted Character Creation Tool This one supports house rules and custom splats. The Freedom Stone is back, help it to live again. They got a major victory, so not only did they get an alliance, but the Queen is at a penalty if she wants to work against the terms of the alliance.

There was some confusion on what to do next, and I made clear that the next step was their’s. Used OmniGraffle after your Gretchen example inspired me.

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And my story so far is actually not too helpful, so I’ll give you a follow up of what happened after those first words. He laughed it off, and said he watches enough CSI to be used to rape and brutality. This quickstatt is for your most fuck-awesome Exalted characters. He also wrote a hack for it using Trollbabe, which you can find at The Bakery ‘s forum. Exalted 3rd edition useful links and topics. If anyone has any more suggestions send me a private message.

Anonymous Wed Mar 17 Anonymous Tue Sep exaltwd I am reading it right now and it seems to have everything exzlted be a very good gamist Exalted system: Jonathan Walton Let me second Rob’s nomination of the original Quickstart, which is excellent.

HQ’s relationships and personality traits have really help driven the flavor of their choices.