By replacing the current HP series print driver with a older version of print driver that does not contain I was able to stop the. is a file used by the “SurePrint” program form HP, and is used to help control the LaserJet printer on Windows PCs. Despite being a highly. Additionally, the printers that have been loaded (HP and HP ) are not present in Printers even though Fault Module Name:

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Click the radio button hp1200 I have been running Windows 7 64 bit on my computer for many months and suddenly it stopped recognizing the printer. I’m going to print off this string and keep it for future reference.

Bonjour crashed a lot before this happened. But it zsr.dlk as though the is not a printer. Went to HP website and download latest driver. Go to Ports tab. Go back into the properties of the “Print Spooler” tab and be sure to click Start to restart the Print Spooler service and it will restart the service immediately. I had tried many different things – this did!!

I think Jon may have put his finger on it. Beaumont for the idea! After deleting the files and restarting the service it seems to be OK. It’s easy to join and it’s free. Steps To Resolve msidcrl The Printers and Faxes window was empty. Your windows drive may have another name for instance, but this would be uncommon. If you have a question create a new topic by clicking here and select the appropriate board.

This really works – so easy!

HP 1020 Printers disappear because the Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly

Thanx a lot for the sound advice. Wednesday, June 22, 9: After dealing with this this thing from every angle it IS an Adobe issue. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Stop the printer spool service by right clicking on your My Computer icon and selecting “Manage” Expand “Services and Applications” and the click on services Browse hp102 the list of services and find “Printer Spooler”.


HP Print Drivers Crashing the Print Spooler « Windows Explored

Message 11 of Then, the problem is temporarily resolved, until the next PDF that comes along. Future Development If our content has helped you, or if you want to thank zsr.xll in any way, we accept donations through PayPal. You are commenting using your WordPress. Please enter a title.

HP LaserJet Kills Print Spooler – Page 2 – HP Support Community –

The crappy HP printer driver is causing the print spooler to crash, so don’t have that printer use the printer spooler. I’ve got a system that’s only a couple of months old, too.

Shame that Adobe is losing customers over this but when you don’t fix the problem there isn’t much of a choice.

You will need to delete the temp print files created in c: Message 19 of Steps To Resolve Odbc You may either reboot the computer or Start the “Print Spooler” service manually. However, I got to wondering – how does a “stand alone” scanner or copier update its own PDF-making software, if it is not connected to the Internet?

This seems to be a known issue with no zsrd.ll resolution, only workarounds. If the issue still exists, please run zsr.cll tool by the steps below: If you have not already you will need to remove the bad files from your print spooler.

If our content has helped you, or if you want to thank us in any way, we accept donations through PayPal. X Hpp1020 is always up to date. I’ve been having these exact issues for awhile now.


ZSR.dll Error Fix – Print Spooler Error Fix Tutorial

Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. I had also compared the registry key to another computer I had installed the printer to on the same day.

Unfortunately for us though, Citrix jp1020 often lose printer settings and thus the print as image setting will be lost occasionally, causing the spooler to crash again.

With a completely clean install of everything I reconnected the printer and it worked perfectly – printing emails and MS Office documents. I have been following these strings on Adobe, on Microsoft, on HP websites with great interestg.

It’s pretty sad that so far, the fix noted on the Adobe forums is to load Fox-it reader To make sure you have the right driver, check the contents of the unpacked driver for the existence of zsr. Additionally, the printers that have been loaded HP and HP are not present in Printers even though they have been loaded again and again. Was having the same problem with a client. Message 18 of Let me know via comment or the contact tab at the top if this doesn’t solve your problem.

We’ve stopped the queue service, now we just have to clear the jam that is already there. Once I reinstalled the printer, I made these changes. Everything fell apart again.