A collection of civil rights groups amended a lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on Wednesday to. File Type: Procedural Item. In Control: City .. Discuss pending and contemplated litigation – Texas. Government under the auspices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, H.U.D. It is the largest single. Users should refer to the HUD guidelines to determine the appropriate FHA Down Payment Type Code to use.” 20, , File Type, 4, 3, 1 = , R, R, R, R, No Corresponding MISMO Attribute Are you a party to a lawsuit?.

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Please contact me so we can put the stories, experiences, and resources… wandhudson yahoo.

I made a conscious choice before I took this drastic measure but I had no lawwsuits, not a clue of what was to come. We need lawyers like you in Southern California. My things were ransacked and gone through while I was gone from their shelter per their policy. I stay in a homeless shelter in Ill. It was tough, but i managed to get back on my feet after being homeless for 2 year out there. But then he wanted to go back East to see relatives at Christmas and Thanksgiving in November, so we had to give notice and leave.

I have no family or friends. Im just trying to figure out the law right now. But are you willing to move to R.

HUD Sued Over Suspension of Obama-Era Fair Housing Rule and Return to ‘Dysfunctional’ System

Hud1 free download, create, edit, fill and print pdf. If the shelter is targeting certain individuals or groups for drug testing, then those individuals or groups may have a legal claim of discrimination. In some cases, they seem to be using the laws used to remove homeless individuals from the areas set aside for the Occupy movement.

You call on the social versions of human trash removal to relieve you of the unpleasant effects of having ignored or denied the right of well being that belongs to the people you find disgusting.

Im 56 and have epilepsy and constant pain. Spousal support in California is allocated according to several criteria. No lawsukts one can only pursue happiness and never attain it.


HUD Accused of Systematically Removing LGBT People From Homeless and Housing Decisions: Lawsuit

I believe no matter what you will still need to be properly evicted by law. The housing assessments were required under the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, lawsuihs was published in the summer ofafter changes were recommended by both the Government Accountability Office and HUD itself.

I hv papers go back 3yrs of 3 ppl trying to evict him. My relevant legal experiences with homeless life has been from one state of affairs to another beginning with being assigned into a shelter system where clients and staff may have had relations outside the scope of staff and client, my own experience was sexual harassment from a male staff working within the female shelter and who would upon reporting to work would personally search for me or come to my room and insist on me taking a shower while he was on duty whether or not I had just completed one before his arrival, he would state that he had not witnessed me doing so; when this was reported to anyone who would listen was removed from services.

Every so often I try to get those free credit reports. Me and my son are in danger living in this shelter located at webster ave bronx ny apt A1. My daughter and me have been abandoned by her Godfather who said he would take care of us while my boyfriend was getting treatments in Baltimore for a term disease he got from Indy Mac played him. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. I would suggest to this man he Google a blog for idiots where there to post his opinion where he would be a better fit.

HUD Accused of Systematically Removing LGBT People From Homeless and Housing Decisions: Lawsuit

I along with my three dogs, 1 cat are about to loose our home to forclosure. Do you know how to replace your identification documents? My wife then promised the police that she would, herself, allow me to enter the home later on.

Reading through all these comments is just breaking my heart over and over. Little did i know he went to see the lanlord. I waved them down when I saw them stopping someone and told them I need help I was wanted to end my hu. I dont have answers yet, but I feel less alone.


In most states, if there is any drug testing law at all, it is about when and how employers can test workers for drug use. I got valley fever because im homeless. Notably, enforcement of local ordinances is not in the list. She was cool with that. I would rather live in a house than a tent. Do you use Twitter? I also have 3 kids and homeless moving from state to state trying to keep some sort of roof over there heads. What part of town are you in? Houston is too hot to leave your dog in a car if I am so blessed to get that job or a health care job which is more suited to me, I just hope it cools off here.

My children are here. Red flags for fraud includes supplemental information relating to red flags in applicationrelated documentation. THE REST of loan money- pay the bank back monthly the same money they gave you, go hyd work ontime daily, drop checks into — same savings acct.

But rather than renewing lawshits approval of the AFFH rule earlier this year, the agency delayed it until at least If you do not understand a particular state, local, or federal law or regulation, you lawsults consult with an attorney. Thank you for this great blog! I always clean up after myself before I leave, etc.

I live in Massachusetts. We are trying to find jobs since we lost our other ones because of my mother. Are you still homeless. I assume they require that I sign a power of attorney over to them in order to even be able to do this with the bank.

Then you can get food stamps again. We wont be found guilty on any charges — we were following all laws and have proven we had only met these folks when they picked us up along the side of the road.