: The Enchanted Land (Avon Historical Romance) ( ): Jude Deveraux: Books. The Enchanted Land [Jude Deveraux] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. see image. The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux – book cover, description, publication history.

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The Enchanted Enchantted by Jude Deveraux. For beautiful Morgan Wakefield, that land lay west of the bluegrass splendor of her Kentucky home Beneath the star-studded New Mexico skies Colter awakened in Morgan a womans passion, stoking the sensuous fires of a bold tempestuous romance. Though fate would make them enemies, theirs was a love that would endure, never to be forsaken. Paperbackpages.

Published February 1st by Avon Books first published January 1st Morgan WakefieldSeth Colter. New Mexico United States. To see what your friends thought of this enchantdd, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Enchanted Landplease sign up.

reviews The Enchanted Land by Jude Deveraux — All About Romance

Lists with This Book. From looking at the reviews, this heroine is going to get kidnapped again and again, and while I understand that’s a common trope in these older romances, with this heroine I. Freaking annoying how she thinks she’s so plain and homely, deverauux all the men are lusting after her tiny body club me over the head with how many times I heard how tiny she wasluscious boobies and hair.

My cover, same ISBN View all 19 comments. Jun 29, Alexa rated it did not like it Shelves: This was my first Jude Deveraux book coincidentally it’s also the first novel she published and it was so bad that I deverzux think I’ll be giving her another chance.

Due to her father’s will, Morgan has to marry and move to the wild wild west for a year so she can receive her inheritance. Morgan, who so far seemed quite sm Wow.

Morgan, who jue far seemed quite smart, decides to make him an offer: After that, they’ll part ways amicably. So far, so good, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

However what follows is the most contrived plot in the history of soap operas: It’s so over-the-top that I don’t even know what to say. And of course, due to the misunderstandings Seth treats Morgan like crap. But she still loves him anyway. I have no idea. Enchanred the worst, really worst part comes at the end when Seth decides that he has to take care of Morgan and by take care I mean lecturing her hte making all decisions for her because she’s weak and “[some women] needed someone to control their life” View all 3 comments.


Feb 07, Bridget rated it it was ok Shelves: Super boring, super simple language, and super repetitive plot.

Everyone has to comment on how thin she is, how full her breasts are, how much better her hair looks when it’s down, and how she cleans up nicely. Everyone has to misunderstand everything anyone says, feel hurt by it, stew over it, and ruin everything for the duration of that mini-plot. And there was next to no romance in it. It was a very frustrating book, not wort Super boring, super simple language, and super repetitive plot. It was a very frustrating book, not worth the effort of reading, almost, and kind of not worth the buck-ninety-nine I paid for it.

Jul 09, Caroline rated it it was ok. I can’t get through it. Absolutely nothing about either character’s behavior makes any sense. View all 4 comments. Not my cuppa tea. View all 5 comments. Feb 23, Maureen O’Danu rated it liked it. I picked this up from my e-reader from my local library, wanting a fun, mindless read with a happy ending.

Instead, I got a hero that was jealous, selfish, and downright abusive in spots. Halfway through the book, the heroine meets a genuinely nice man who loves her deeply, and he is ‘written off into the sunset’, which I thought was a real tragedy. The ‘villain’ in the piece is stereotyped in a borderline racist way, and there is no satisfying denouement to the arc of the villain’s story.

There I picked this up from my e-reader from my local library, wanting a fun, mindless read with a happy ending. There were a lot of loose ends in this book, a lot of underutilized secondary characters, and a hero that was distinctly unlikable. It is almost like the author had several good ideas for a story, but was under deadline so she just kind of mashed them together into a story.

I wanted to enjoy this story enough to keep reading it despite my doubts, but I just couldn’t get on board, even though I did read it to the end dang complete-ist me I gave it three stars because author: Jude Deveraux knows how to describe my beloved New Mexico so beautifully, and because the heroine is well written. But I can’t recommend this book even a little. It was a terrible disappointment. Oct 03, Jen rated it did not like it.

I picked this up because some numbskull on tumblr commented on the strong character of the female lead in this romance book that trumps classic romance book norms. Morgan is a grown ass woman but simplified and sexualized as a “little girl. But as soon as she meets Seth, an older dude who acts like a 13 year old, she goes into a swoon because he’s big and manly.

T I picked this up because some numbskull on tumblr commented on the strong character of the female lead in this romance book that trumps classic romance book norms. The characters are in love not even halfway in, and to spice it all up, she gets kidnapped and witnesses the rape of another woman. As soon as Seth saves her, it’s all good, and they have wild sex god knows where in an abandoned hut. And that’s where I gave up reading this silly book.


Jan 03, B. Plus this whole story is basically built on the notion that “[The woman] needed someone to control her life” – GAH! And apparently, men listen up now, how you do that is by staging a fake kidnapping of a woman who has already been kidnapped twice, gagging her, making her think she’s going to be raped, and then stripping her naked so you can lecture her about what a mess she’s made of her life and blame her for everything terrible that has happened between you.

The Enchanted Land Book Summary and Study Guide

Then cap it all off with some good old fashioned threats of marital rape, call devdraux your slave, and then demand she cook you some food. Follow that simple formula and any woman will fall straight into your bed. Overall – fickle, disgusting, and irritating! May 12, Nicky rated it it was ok. Whew, that was a chore. That’s about all I can say. I didn’t completely hate it.

I just didn’t like it very much. I didn’t really care for the ending very much.

But I didn’t give it just 1 star because parts of it were very interesting and had potential. But things went downhill and just dsveraux to go downhill.

I only finished because I had gotten so far into it and refused to let it defeat me. It had potential, but just fell apart a Done! It had potential, but just fell apart and never could right itself. If anyone is tempted to read it, you’d be better off just getting a summary of it and calling it a day. About now, I thought I am already aware of the cliches in a paperback romance novel.

A lady would meet a man -sometimes twice her age – if not troublesome or arrogant or prideful, the man is either so sweet and so kind. Of course all the heroes should be landd looking. Then goes the heroine. Of course in each and every story, she must be beautiful and gorgeous. All things are perfect. Perfection is always inevitable. This fact I am completely aware of. But then, I was astounded. This is completel About now, I thought I am already aware of the cliches in a paperback romance novel.

This is completely different.