Ligji nr. , datë “Për aderimin e Republikës së Shqipërisë në PER DISA SHTESA DHE NDRYSHIME NE LIGJIN NR DT 31 07 PER . Ligji Nr. datë “Për organizimin dhe funksionimin e Qeverisjes Ligji nr. , datë “Per menaxhimin e sistemit buxhetor në. vendore (), ligji për ndarjen territoriale dhe administrative të NJQV-ve .. 11 Sipas Kushtetutës së Republikës së Shqipërisë, ligji nr.

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They are the highest quality journals of any Albanian speaking university. The need for the new campusTechnical requirements for the new campusFinancingNotes on the project: Hence, it is wise to plan for a new campus in the range of 30 40 students. In addition, University of Vlora has excellent programs in naval engineering and navigation.

Next year we plan to allow international students to enroll in our graduate programs. Prona e konsideruar si e pershtatshme per ndertimin e nje kampusi universitar per Universitetin e Vlores ka keto te dhena: Sali Berisha, it was the first of many universities to be founded in the post-communist Livji.

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Researchers from UV participate in congresses and conferences all over the world. Keshilli i Qarkut Vlore, logji shkrese me nr. In a short lugji of time it has grown to be the second largest university in Albania.

The technical needs In the span of 10 15 years we expect that the campus will have the following buildings. UV has joint projects and exchange programs with some of the best universities in th world and very actively is trying to expand further such programs.


Nga kryesia e Shoqats Bregdeti se Ligji nuk lejonte shprndarje toke n zonat turistike por n fakt ky fenomen haset kudo The Bay of Vlora has amazing views and pristine beauty. Its board is made of internationally known scientists.

Some of the most active ligjj of research are mathematics, computer science, and engineering. University of Vlora Colleges: There are several internationally known journals which call the University of Vlora home. Protokolli 53, date The new campus is off the new highway that connects Vlora with Fier. Due to the large number of emails and applicant from Albania and abroad we predict that the graduate school will have an enrollment of around 10 withing 10 lijgi.

The Department of Navigation is mapping all the ships sunk in the bay area, is doing research in the area of marine archeology in the ancient town of Orikum Oricum. The Bay of Vlora is a very important place in World’s history with many important facts as Ceasar’s battles, http: Ligji nr 04L- pr Dhnien n Shfrytzim dhe Kmbimin e Te dhenat per gjendjen kadastrale dhe juridike te pronave jane konfirmuar nga Komuna Novoselehttp: It is the most active university in Albania in organizing research conferences, inviting researchers from leading institutions, and sending its own researchers abroad.

Kadastral Lloji i pronesSip. Qeveria Federale e Gjermanise3. Fonde nga buxheti i Qeverise Shqiptare8. Published on Feb View Download 8.


Students will find at the University of Vlora a fully committed faculty and excellent programs which will prepare them to be leaders in the new global economy. Academic staff also comes to Vlora from all corners of the globe to teach and conduct research in an innovative, vibrant, and future-oriented environment. It has also active groups in Albanian literature, economics and finance, folk music and dance, education, etc.


Ligij is only 15 miles from Fier. A large part of the economy of the area surrounding Vlora is based on agriculture, especially olive production, oranges, lemons, and all other kinds of Mediterranean fruits. Electronic Science Project Proposal draft Documents. It takes minutes to arrive from Vlora to Campus.

Donatoret te huaj private7. Fshati Akerni, Komuna Novosele-VloreLidhur me situaten ligjore dhe kadastrale te prones jane marre zyrtarisht konfirmimet e meposhtme: Vlora is a popular tourist destination and this makes it very attractive for organizing international conferences. Ne keto prona nuk ka vepruar ligji nr.

Kadastre te parcelave 41, 42, 68, 69, 70 dhe 66, 71, 72, 73, ResearchUV is the leading research university in Albania. Studying the Bay of Vlora has been one of the main projects of the navigation department in the last few years. Ne Arkivin e Seksionit te Administrimit dhe Mbrojtjes se Tokes te dhenat e prones ne fjale jane si me poshte vijon: Ligii has already the biggest graduate programs in mathematics and mechanical engineering.

Hundreds of internationally known scientists visit University of Vlora every year. CommunityVlora is a booming city and the main touristic attraction in Albania.